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I never wanted to rant out loud online ever again, but here I go:

When I checked, I noticed the following note:

If you are uncertain why the submission was removed or if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the DeviantArt Help Desk.

Title: The Human Scratching Post
Submitted: 2016-02-10 2:23:37 pm

The administrator who deleted your deviation added the following:
A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has determined that the character(s) depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in their original context.

Official policy does not allow such depictions, so this deviation has been removed and should not be resubmitted. [...]"

... ...
... ... ...
...are you fucking kidding me?
...have you ever seen my gallery before? the main content of my gallery is forbidden? So zadr is basically forbidden?
Have fun deleting the major portion of my gallery then-

You know what the funny thing is? I try since years to get my stolen and often edited artwork taken down - nothing happens.
I try since years to get my traced stolen artwork taken down- nothing happend, now it´s too late anyway, cuz fuckin DA doesn´t care anymore.
I try since years to let them take down the submission of the person who stole and resubmitted my daily devitation of Kirby - nothing happens.


This isn´t about being mad that one little drawing got taken down, this is about my very principals as an artist!
It doesn´t matters to me if people want to come along to seriously flame me about my language/my opinions/the content of my drawings. I can deal with that, because I know that people don´t have to agree on shit and because I know I´m free in my ways. But if the platform I choose to show off my works starts censoring me because of subjective acts of bull, I could start vomiting heavily. I see this is an issue to some people and manages to make some icky, but how does this kind of heavy censoreship make it into official rules? Great applause to the genius establishing this policy rule around DA against something the cartoon/videogame/anime szene does for roughly more then 15 years now and is still a debate with a lot of points of view. Whatever that one genius smoked who equalled aging-up = pedophilia, I would like some of that. D=<

DA, art is one nice thing. But it also ment to disturb. If it disturbs. Art isn´t ment to hit everyones taste.
I find it really shocking honestly. Who dares to claim to have the right to judge what art is right and what not?
Da, you really support that?

No, this isn´t an invitation to start arguring with me about aging up.
I think my point is very clear on this one.

End of my rant.
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jerrykj Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016
check your notes please :)
bearchipsandships123 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL XD I looked through your yaoi of Dib and Zim and other erotic stuff on Tumblr! I swear that Invader Zim fangirls are sick as Vazquez said! XD I love your art but I hope it doesn't turn you on when you draw Dib and Zim sticking eachothers holes!LOL Keep doing what you are doing and don't let anything or anyone stop you! XD Looking into your Tumblr didn't shock me because I've seen far worse! But its surprising that a girl like you draws stuff like that! XD Maybe I'll draw stuff like that too on Deviantart one day! XD
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wasfight17 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
do you like pokephilia?
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Willllllllllllllliam Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
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UltimateGalaxia Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there!
Sorry if this sounds really random, but recently I've been trying out copic (ciao) markers for my drawings after being inspired by your own copic artwork. So my question is.. what shade of pink do you use for Kirby? (just the number or name of the marker is fine)
(1 Reply)
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